A downloadable game for Windows

Get ready to crush your enemies! AEON: Genesis is a first-person dive into gaming's most nostalgic era. Smash and Dash through 6 different game modes, unlocking levels and unique player customizations. Play alone or with friends to get through the skill based puzzles, survive the onslaught of enemies in Conquest, face off as a team or against each other in Multiplayer, make your own levels for any corner of the game in the robust Sandbox mode, and record and watch it all in the replay theater!

Website: www.NonLocalitySoftware.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NonLocalitySoftware/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NonLocality_Dev

Install instructions

Windows may ask if the game is allowed on private networks, please press yes. The .exe may be labelled as CubeNinja, this is the old name, it is the same project. No installation required, simply run from the folder.


AEON_Genesis_V1.4.zip 117 MB